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Meditations Among The Tombs

"Meditations Among The Tombs" (1995)

1. The Last Sunrise
2. Malum In Se
3. Oceans of Time
4. Psalm of a Dead Dreamer
5. Meditations Among the Tombs
6. Land of Whispers
7. Embers for the Sacred Fire
8. Bridal Lust
9. Where Icicles Form
10. Funerals for Kings Unknown

1. The Last Sunrise

What had been so long ago
Is only a mist in the snow
And for the clanses that once had been made
Are simply my sins that did fade
And for what we've become is only ecstasy
And a dream, a vision of pure misery

Let me be the one to tell you all
Of hell's resurrection and heaven's fall
Sleep sweet damned woman for you are
Caused him to triumph and forever will abide
By his side

Moon demon, celestial star gazer
Be a comfort to me and not curse my kin
Wise of all liars, stalked from the start
And not to show thy blackened heart

Caught the flying nymph did I
Devoured her soul to my own and fled
Then when I met I embraced the earth
The mother of all tides struck with blunted force
And then I finally saw my last sunrise

Rest assured, I speak not for myself
But to defend the pride of a dying mankind
As we all see the setting and the last sunrise

The bell has sounded and signals the end
The end of all life my friend
Friend to the end

2. Malum In Se

3. Oceans of Time

Foretold men's death
And drowned in tears of angels
That saw the hate we have
And cried when sinners laugh

In these oceans of time
My body sinks beneath
From the surface of the water
To float alone in the depths

Dark clouds and drifting nightmares
Flood into my mouth
And throughout my deformed body
I discover the strangest route

See Neptune on his throne
And his minions all around
The singing of the sirens
So seductive a lovely song

I once knew mortal love
And what it could give
But pain I felt
That now seems dim

4. Psalm of a Dead Dreamer

We'll live in ecstasy forever amen
Was said by the demon who caused me to sin
I am the dead dreamer

I'm blind to all th pain that's here
Only existing to bring you fear
Happines is a faded memory
Not even God can make me see
Oh arise majestic luridity
Mists of sulphur in my rotted eyes

I hid your decaying corpse below
Naturally I thought you were dead
Then you awoke from your sleep
Smearing me into bloody red

Been loveless since the truth revealed
Now cleansed of the lies of a wolrd gone mad

I fell on the blade and saw my blood flow
Her eyes poured tears as she watched me die
We shared love lasting eternity
Now I'm deceased and she's buried in me

Descending gloriously from the clouds
The holy Lord darkly shrouds
Sending some to heaven and others to hell
Where do I fit, where will I finally dwell
Risen from swamping gore
Come back in the madness of my soul

5. Meditations Among the Tombs

6. Land of Whispers

In this ancient land
Of whispers and of chants
Invoke thee
On thousand human emotions
Desire my witch's
Burns my sleep
Ashes in the wind
Blowing 'round her cauldron
The spell is cast
I am damned and bound here
By the tree on the shores of darkest night

7. Embers for the Sacred Fire

8. Bridal Lust

Greatness all we are
And everything we've become
In this world
Of dying gracious flowers
Poisoned at the roots

Bound together they are
By their twisted tongues
Brides of dread
Damned sisters dancing 'round
To musical chaos

Two succibi fly tonight
The hover close to my window
My sleeping dreams
Slipping into their fatal embrace
Triangle of pain

This is lust, this is love
Whatever it is I see my death
By their lovely hands
My blood fades into their veins
All passion undone

9. Where Icicles Form

Oh what do I see
Rising from the mists of the earth
Se majestic and alluring
It is where I want to be forever

Pathways of darkness feed me
Upon burning feet I ascend the steps
Through cold dense clouds I fade away
Floating up to the ancient cliffs again

Dripping with ice
Old broken silver fangs
Streams under the shattered bridge
Ghastly shadows
Scattered wide the jagged terrain
Haunted with moonlit melancholy

Return me to the mountains of north
The frozen peak where icicles form the past

Violent storms of hatred blur my eyes
Snow covering all the barren landscape
The wolves cove the immortal path
I wait here for the deity to greet me

Take me home to the tundra
Where I was born and lived alone
I desire to return
To the mountain where icicles formed

10. Funerals for Kings Unknown


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