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"Dark Carnal Witchery" (2004 Demo)

1. An Eternity of Despair
2. Flames of Vengeance
3. Dark Carnal Witchery
4. In Nightfall I Reign
5. Undying Militance

1. An Eternity of Despair

mortal destruction
vortex kaos
through the abyss i fall
demonix blasphemous chants
invoking immortal suffering
leviathan consume by soul
emptiness reign eternal
genocidal visions curse me
unholy carnal supremacy

i possess the wolf
who standeth tall
in endless winters
i sacrifice the lamb
whos blood forever
stains the snow

reborn under the light of the morning star
belial incarnate
black magik spell me
jehovah forsake me
i master your earth with the powers of hell

2. Flames of Vengeance

dark energy empower me
nocturnal ritualised blasphemy
ascend into the night void
under the revered moonlight

exalt thy cult

a dark desire to writhe within gehenna
sinister markings burn the flesh of damnation
sacrificial blades spill my blackened blood
abystic minions feed

apocalyptic revalations
conjurer of sacreligious infernos
medievil antichristian brutality

3. Dark Carnal Witchery

forces of emptiness summon
brethren of the baphomet
gathered before the altar of flesh
raising goat horns to death

black candles alfame
in the chambes of divine darkness
wielding medievil weaponry
in invocation to the infernal monarch
from the ceremonail chalice
blood of the meek is drank

the unbaptised enslaved
offerings to moloch

hail lord satan

4. In Nightfall I Reign

by blackest nefarious will possessed
supreme elite destruction

in nightfall i reign
prophet of perpetual nazarene cruxifixion
compelled by the demon entities
aroused by the scent of the meek

barbaric desire of lust
diabolic thirst for vengeance
satanic symbols written in blood
adorn the chapel of enemies

i revel in christian misery

5. Undying Militance

blackened dead skies enshroud
the dominion of unholy war
the flesh of self betrayal
drench the fields of mars in blood
strength of thy will
crushes the weak eternally


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