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"Emergence" (1996 Demo)

1. Emergence
2. I Is The End
3. Dread The Unknown
4. Genocide
5. Another Frequency
6. Nocturnal Cycle
7. Faux Dieu

1. Emergence

I emerge

each day I die
but the universe is spying me on

for masking the ashes
grey ruins of my soul

and those bits of life
as reals as apprehended

the ones i structure... the return

for a question of resurrection
i come back in the death’s placing in
where i am dead

another time i’m only lignt and tumult
another time i’m just shadow and silence

i emerge again from an old stagnation

2. I Is The End

I is the end

cold is the hand of death
when she is exorting you
to follow her in the deepest foundations of the revolt

i is the end
of a deadly world
my friend you will see
one drowsy life at her last breath

in her torment death grasps the spine of life
breaking of her icy fingers
the bones of self respect... respect... respect

cold is the hand of death
when she do the work for you

in front of the glance of the warder’s surrender

suicide the end
i want this end
she gives her hands
and i is the end

3. Dread The Unknown

dread the unknown
te possibility, the dominante, the mystery

can you just believe what i said
or you are afraid to admit
the presence of the unknownbeing
but one day you’ll see...
They’re coming

there is a possibility among the depth of the space
think about that

dread the unknown
mysterious species from other planets
dread the unknown
dread their shadows
flying across the sky

be dominated on any form
on any level of your destiny
imagine... the suffering
using you like a guinea-pig against your will

but also see the mysteries
of a distinct race
separated by light-years
a privilegious moment of a rare intensity

don’t turn your back on it... on it... on it

4. Genocide


far from here
hits the sky
mankind fixed... too late

the execution’s breath
hunts present away
sweeping the creation
with the back of his hand

our dying groans implode
through the lamentations collapse
a provoked silence persist
the doubtful silence of the human remains

powerfull intrusion
of the viction
our own sphere

degeneration of the populations
desintegrate all of the nations

darkness descends on the earth
as we lost our paradise

«What should be next
we are about to die on our feet
each war strikes men and they laugh
it is time to rise»

slavery misery

upon those violent acts

closed window

5. Another Frequency

Another frequency

my vision is so denouncer
that they enter in me as a metal wall
for them i’m only a viction in the crowd
interfering by changing the rules

all those people who decide for us
proud of their attitude
it’s a communication without sence

i saw the rules... on the wall... in the crowd

stronger than me
i can’t help my self
society makes me so weak

so weak, so unstable

honnest desire to understand
uncomprehending things
to fulfill my dreams i must neglect
all the values of life

under the sea... over the bridge
speculations unclear
frequency of theirs... untouchable
manipulating us

true rules... on the wall
true rules on the wall
responses speak

into the strangers casualness
i am convulsive and breathless

this is another frequency
where i can’t be

6. Nocturnal Cycle

Noctural cycle

i can’t see.. I can’t taste... but i can feel
as the poor suffering fears
when the death knocks at the door

i sickly apprehend those long and gloomy nights
the awakening calls
making an unbearable noise
ouh.. I know

day after day... it’s back
and my patience
is exhaust to a consciousness level
that i cannot seize

the time and his notions penetrate me
all over my body

i must fear my own self
on the slippery wall... where i crawl

7. Faux Dieu

Faux dieu

répulsion des hommes éveillés
au refuge d’un dieu préfabriqué
n’oppressant que les pauvres, les diminués

psychosés, les gourous s’en balancent
bien assis dans l’antre de l’opulence
leur pouvoir, une force qui s’émancipe
aux dépens des croyances de leurs disciples

que mort s’en suive dans ta volonté
si tu y tiens, deviens un opprimé

forcé d’admettre, que ton âme est prête
de croire à tout, de croire à rien
la secte dissoud, dissecte les liens
que tu as avec nous, que tu as avec les tiens
mais malgré tout, tu lui tends la main
et puis voilà l’osmose

tu obéis non sans peine
toi l’esclave de sa haine
d’une méthode à l’ancienne
ton argent, il fait sienne

faux dieu d’illuminés
usurpateur des âmes égarées
même ta vie s’enfuit derrière
ton cerveau vidé, lobotomisé

vos coeurs transcendent l’amertume
sentiment que tu exhumes
vitale intelligence erre
contenu vidé de matières
la lumière quitte tes yeux

maintenant admire ton faux dieu

un jour tu le comprendras qu’il te manipule


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