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Morphology of Fear

"Morphology of Fear" (2002 Split)

1. War
2. Drown In Frustation
3. In The Name Of God
4. Gates To Eternity
5. Conspiracy Theory
6. No Longer Willing To Wither
7. Written In Minor Key
8. Reversal Of A Broken Hearted

1. War

War - brutal reflection of a dead nation
Territory of the damned
Mindless Soldiers driven by hate
Fighting for the promised land

War - the end of all sense of law
War - fighting for your frontiers
No regard for casualties
No regard for sacrifices, it's war

War - demoralized population
Mourn the victims, marching for your victory
Lost souls raise into the sky
War - taken by force they take the land

Ravage what machines left for them
Suffering of the innocent
Suffering of the masses
Warlike they follow their commands
Oppressing the civilisation

2. Drown In Frustation

I'm caught in this cell
This cell of isolation
Loneliness built my shell
The shell of hate

My walls of ignorance
My cave of deafness
My grave of bitterness
I'm drown in frustration
Frustration - my own decay

In compassion with myself
I try to escape to a new beginning
I march to leave the path behind
My failures of the past
Be the bridge to perfection
Frustration - my own decay

I'm drown in frustration

3. In The Name Of God

Through the eyes of your god
Radical belief
You pray for a better earth
In the name of your god

You preach the words of your god
The matrix of your hate
The holiness of your god
Your despite for all incredulous

Your declining for all progress
Your force readyness makes us anxious
I see peril for democracy
In your insanity you think you act free

4. Gates To Eternity

I'm the lord, your god and master
Kneel down and pray
Until your sins be forgiven
Until your soul be freed
Read the words I wrote to you,
My last will
The words that lead to immortality
You try to reach the gates
The gates which lead to eternity
I open you the way to the gates
Walk the walk that leads to me
Your belief, your devotion
Be the pillars of my mind
Come on, son
Follow me to happiness

5. Conspiracy Theory

6. No Longer Willing To Wither

Upbringing was like pruning a tree,
cutting of the branches of rebellion,
leaving the trunk of obedience
rooted in the ground of reason.
An overwhelming potential restricted,
to put one on their right road,
accepted as given, never questioned:
to stride a prepaved path like millions before,
to be shaped like millions before,
to die like millions before.

The new breed is planted,
no longer willing to wither.
Our fertilizer is self-determination,
to gain new goals,
never satisfied with the presence.
Join our way or ask yourself:
when was the last time you felt truly free?

By investigating our educational system "from childhood" on, you can see a restriction in the development of one's uniqueness. All creativity, all impartiality is buried for the sake of a normal life, with a beautiful wife, nice children, a big house and a new car! What was lost on the way is this lightheartedness to use all abilities.

7. Written In Minor Key

Deep down inside the emptiness is prevailing, the seed of pain begins to grow as hope withers and dies. The sky is overcast, the sun doesn't shine in this world anymore, the yearning for a new era has met a sudden death. The inexhaustible source of distress grows every hour, every day. But will a leap in the dark heal the wounds or just be the downfall of life? The doubts still remain, are even bigger than ever before though things couldn't get worse. The pie in the sky is written in minor key.

What you can read above are words to express my emotions in situations, in which you don't know what the future will bring. I'm quite sure everybody of you has already been in such situations. Tired of this vicious circle we call life, no ray of hope, no light in the dark, too many unanswered questions.

8. Reversal Of A Broken Hearted

Your face fades with age but all details are snowbound in my heart. Your soft fingertips slit my wrists, the scars remain as a memory of sweet days. Your blood circulated in my veins, now coagulate at the focus of affection, causing cardiac arrest.
At a stroke all hope was dashed and brought me down to my knees. Following affected actions were imagined fallacies to cling to you, reversal of a broken-hearted. You made up your mind without me noticing ,letting me reproach myself for enjoying love the silent way, hardly giving you the chance to see my true emotions, I ought to be ashamed for letting you fall, please forgive me!


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