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"Anarchos" (1997)

1. Bloodpoem
2. Consecration Of Death
3. Seducer Of Pain Divine
4. Obliteration
5. Ophidia Astrum
6. Suffer My Deeds
7. Sanctum Black
8. Anarchos
9. Eternal Sleep
10. Out Of Chaos Spawn

1. Bloodpoem

Spirits, dressed in Autumn skies
Are dancing, to a withering Serenade
Solemn... Sanguine...

Funera, your Semen is growing
Plague, the Paragon destruction
Suffering... Arrives...

Written, poetry drawn in Blood
Alas, they still pray
Blood... Poem...

Like the Maiden ghost of Night
Seeks the Phantom of her sins
Mars sets towards wrath
And pours Chaos from his path

"Deathgod hear my cries
Thou who art of vengeance
Grant a thorn for every tear
And turn the oceans red"

And the flames devour heavens
Scattered like a thousand broken

The time retreats to annu dazumal
Leaving the essence of a cemetery

2. Consecration Of Death

Silence, ever so loud
Emptiness, of beauty is proud
Gods, are hungry and pale
Worms, feed from the wounds

Ghosts, walk the ebon earth
Ruins, of eden remains
The Moon, hunts the sun that hides
Elysia, is found in Hades

If I quote death will you name it passion?

And to taste blasphemy beyond the realm of man
And to curse in rapture for every spoken prayer
No stars shine to portrait the lost sky of time
Oblivion comes smashing with its razor teeth

If I quote death will you name it freedom?

I vision war, I vision death
I vision famine, I vision plague
All of this, I offer you
Fill your veins with death

3. Seducer Of Pain Divine

The pain I endure is divine
Escaping the torment of life
And into her dreams

Demon empress, exalted one
Of chaos breed, her soul unbound
She is desire, the lust profane
Enslaved to her, exploring pleasure
...and pain

Burning flames of sin
Sets my passion ablaze
Turmoil rapes my flesh
Bleeding pleasure through pain
Darkest deeds of lust
Thousand flavours of sin
Rapture bliss my soul
All my feelings explode

My soul unbound, beyond all laws
I drink the golden wine of sin
In claws of lust, desire's jaws
I crave the darkness deep within

She drains my life, to end my pain
She grants me immortality
Reborn in sin, the old she slain
We rule throughout infinity

Seducer of pain divine

4. Obliteration

Cold as ice, eternal winter night
Pale as snow, embracing veils of velvet black

A thousand sparrows whisper
of autumn's fading gloom
The beauty seized beyond this realm
of space and time
Across the fields of life
the northern wind blew cold
All life is crystallised in frost
and silence roam

The burning sunset fades
in coloured flames so bright
Into the darkened world
of nightly shadows' reign
The night has conquered day
into oblivion the realm of life shall fall

Ever falling, into the deepest void of death
Ever dying, no resurrection and no salvation

The souls departed float throughout infinity
No faith, no hope, no love and lost forevermore

Lost, forever, lost

5. Ophidia Astrum

Towards a shadow Dynasty
In ecstasy and desire torn free
Serpent knowledge supreme
Invincibility is known to me

Ophidia Astrum

I am beauty, I am beast
I am conqueror profound
Consecration immemorial
My ways are arcane

Ophidia Astrum Nocturne

Drunk with the waters of decadence
We sing the splendour of clouds
On a path to forest dreams
We find the awakening of deities

Bewitched, Benighted, Behorned
No stars are above me
Bewitched, Benighted, Behorned
No stars are below me

Ophidia Astrum

I am king spirit god
Therefore none stands before (me)
I am beyond good and evil
And he shall know who finds (me)

My arms are open
Fools await Morpheus
Ophidia, key of wisdom
Astrum, shines within

6. Suffer My Deeds

A spark of vile contempt
Ablazed my seething hate
In bloodred flames of hate I burn
Struck numb by frantic wrath
My boiling rage unleashed
In bloodred flames of hate I burn

Vengeance, the taste of pain so sweet
I crave the anguish of your soul
Vengeance, the anger floods my veins
The beast of spiteful rage unfolds

The urge for violence spree
Spawned from my agony
In blinding haze of rage I'm lost
No mercy I will grant
Your feeble life I'll slay
In blinding haze of rage I'm lost

Violence, the blood shall drench my thirst
Extracting pleasure from your pain
Violence, your final breath I'll crave
You'll see me grinning as you die

You will suffer my pain
What you lose I will gain
Crawl, bastard, crawl

Suffer my deeds, bleeding you cry
Suffer my deeds, screaming you die

I rejoice as you cry
Final rush when you die
Die, bastard, die

7. Sanctum Black

Smear witchery on my hands
Smear witchery on my mouth

Devilry the ancient art
Serpent spells transcend me
Covenant of blood unique
Ceremony of perversion
Of lust and fires impure

Come forth Sanctum Black
Celebration of possession
Come forth as you are known
Dusk is here as well as the moon
That awaits your presence

Night seed
Shadow eve

Seasons are in my command
My blood is yours to taste
But by phantoms only known
I am fallen not defeated

Sinfulness was crowned
(And) blasphemy was throned
Once what was
Again shall be

Smear witchery on my hands
Smear witchery on my mouth

8. Anarchos

9. Eternal Sleep

A dying twilight sets within my heart
Your perished flame of life that lit my spark

Swept away from reality
On wings of time into eternity
Eternal sleep among the stars

Deceased, departed, like shattered glass divided
I hunt the fragments of her soul

Her voice still whispers in the wind
And her shadows walks the fields
Her eyes still shine into the night
And her fragrance still remains

Forsaken, forgotten, left behind I'm parted
Without her my life grows dark

Forever gone, in darkness I will dwell
And no salvation for my soul
Forever gone, no light on me will shine
The joy for life I cannot feel

10. Out Of Chaos Spawn

Cursed be your holy god, blessed be the life of sin
Cursed be your holy christ, blessed be the beast within

I will not kneel to christ my life I yield to sin
No laws of god shall chain my burning soul within
I dwell in darkness on the path to seven gates
Beyond this world of flesh the darkened realm awaits
I seek the beast within my soul of scornful shades

Let the raging twilight burn within
Paint the sky with the colour of your sin

Taste the fruit of sin, denied by god
Taste the fruit of our lust, denied by christ
Out of chaos spawn, we will never die
We are the serpent's children, born to rule the sky

God, oppressor of our sins
Your heaven's kingdom we will burn
Christ, feeble son of god
Your sacrifice won't cleanse our souls


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