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Album: ''Give 'Em the Axe'' (1984 EP)
1. Give 'Em The Axe
2. Kiss Of Death
3. No Time To Lose
4. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll (Rainbow cover)

Love You to Pieces

Album: ''Love You to Pieces'' (1985)
1. Council for the Cauldron
2. Psychopath
3. Save Me
4. Red Rum
5. Love You to Pieces
6. American Metal
7. Flesheater
8. Warfare
9. Godiva
10. Rod of Iron

Menace to Society

Album: ''Menace to Society'' (1986)
1. Generation Aliens
2. Notorious
3. Terror on the Town
4. Bloody Mary
5. Stiletto (Voice of Command)
6. Ultra Violence
7. Love Kills
8. Brass Tactics
9. Ursa Minor
10. Menace to Society

The Murderess Metal Road Show

Album: ''The Murderess Metal Road Show'' (1986 Live album)
1. Council For The Cauldron
2. Flesh Eater
3. Warfare
4. No Time To Lose
5. Rod Of Iron
6. Save Me
7. Godiva
8. Psychopath
9. Love You To Pieces
10. Live And Let Die
11. Kiss Of Death
12. Red Rum
13. American Metal
14. Give 'Em The Axe
15. Finale
16. Dead Serious *
17. (Wake Up) Time To Die *

Visual Lies

Album: ''Visual Lies'' (1987)
1. Me Against The World
2. Shock
3. Outcast
4. Den Of Thieves
5. Visual Lies
6. Eyes Of A Stranger
7. Lord Of The Flies
8. Voyeur (I'm Watching You)
9. Visions

Terror Rising

Album: ''Terror Rising'' (1987 EP)
1. Give 'Em the Axe
2. White Rabbit
3. Rod of Iron
4. American Metal
5. Don't Touch Me There (The Tubes cover)
6. Catch Your Death
7. Terror Rising
8. Long Live R'n'R! (Rainbow cover)

Me Against the World/Den of Thieves

Album: ''Me Against the World/Den of Thieves'' (1987 Single)
1. Me Against the World
2. Den of Thieves

Master of Disguise

Album: ''Master of Disguise'' (1989)
1. Master of Disguise
2. One False Move
3. Love is a Crime
4. Sins of the Flesh
5. Phantoms
6. Never Too Young
7. Be One of Us
8. Psychodrama
9. Waiting in the Wings
10. Roll Over and Play Dead
11. Under the Rose
12. We Got the Power

Best Of Lizzy Borden

Album: ''Best Of Lizzy Borden'' (1994 Best of/Compilation)
1. Me Against The World
2. Notorious
3. American Metal
4. Master Of Disguise
5. Psychopath
6. Eyes Of A Stranger
7. Red Rum (Live)
8. Ultra Violence
9. Live And Let Die
10. Give 'Em The Axe
11. Love Kills
12. Love Is A Crime
13. Lord Of The Flies
14. Rod Of Iron

Deal With The Devil

Album: ''Deal With The Devil'' (2000)
1. There Will Be Blood Tonight
2. Hell Is For Heroes
3. Deal With The Devil
4. Zanzibar
5. Lovin' You Is Murder
6. We Only Come Out At Night
7. Generation Landslide
8. The World Is Mine
9. State Of Pain
10. (This Ain't) The Summer Of Love
11. Believe

lizzy borden


Lizzy Borden is an American heavy metal band formed in 1984. Lizzy Borden is also the name of the band's lead vocalist. Borden specialized in the shock metal style originated by artists like Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister. The band is named after notorious Lizzie Borden, a woman accused (and acquitted) of murder in the late 19th century.

One time Lizzy Borden guitarist Joe Holmes also played with David Lee Roth and Ozzy Osbourne.

The band experienced considerable success throughout the 1980s in spite of several line-up changes.

Lizzy Borden got back together in 2000 and are still out and touring.

Traditional US/Power Metal

United States of America (Los Angeles, CA), formed in 1983

Metal Blade Records


Lizzy Borden - Vocals (Diamond Dogs (US))
Marten Andersson - Bass (Lynch Mob, Starwood, Legacy (US))
Joey Scott - Drums (Diamond Dogs (US))
Ira Black - Guitars (Heathen, Bralalalala, Vicious Rumors, Doom Society, Chris Caffery, Pornucopia)

Gene Allen - Guitars
Tony Matuzak - Guitars
Alex Nelson - Guitars (R.I.P. 5-17-04 car accident)
Joe Holmes - Guitars (Ozzy Osbourne)
David Michael Philips - Guitars (Schoolboys, Keel, King Kobra, Geronimo!, Liquid Black, Big Cock)
Ronnie Jude - Guitars
Mike Davis - Bass (Ozzy Osbourne, Halford, Angel Rot)
Steve Hochheiser - Bass (Detente, Catalepsy (US))
Joe Steals - Guitars (Diamond Dogs (US))


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