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In the Mushroom

Album: ''In the Mushroom'' (1997)
1. Lid
2. Mary Agnes
3. The Dream Is Over
4. In The Mushroom
5. Window Pain
6. RX
7. You Are Here
8. Randy Scouse Git
9. Alive
10. For All My Life
11. Don't Let Me Down (bonus track, written by Beatles)



Lid, a psychedelic rock band, could be considered as some sort of supergroup, after all it features Danny Cavanagh of Anathema fame and no one else than Eric Wagner, the man with the voice better known as a lead vocalist of Trouble. After Eric left Trouble in April '96, he wasn't going to retire from music business. Every heavy metal fan should have heard at least one Trouble album no matter whatever it is, one of the first and heaviest of Trouble "Psalm 9","The Skull" or any of the last two more rocking albums "Manic Frustration" or "Plastic Green Head".

It is not just because of Eric's recognizable vocals but also the same vibes and sound - Lid does sound quite a bit like newer Trouble. The feeling and atmosphere is more relaxed, laid down, warm and less heavy leaning more towards the 60's rock or pop sound than Trouble. However, there are still enough honesty, heavyness, guitars and Eric's raspy heavy vocals to please metalheads as well. The whole overall feeling of "In the Mushroom" is like a hazy, warm summerday - feeling lazy, laying in a green grass watching the white clouds in a blue sky and letting your mind flow together with the music playing inside your head. There is also a slight psychedelic sound in Danny's guitarlines as well - most likely a result of consuming certain illegal mind blasting plant.
The opener "Lid" is the heaviest and saddest track on the whole album and one of my faves but it is almost impossible not to be influenced by the optimistic yet sad "longing for the old days" feeling of "The Dream Is Over" or the funny 20's riverboat vibe in "Randy Scouse Gift".

Heavy/Stoner Metal

Psychedelic, hippie stuff

United Kingdom, formed in 1996



Eric Wagner : Vocals (Trouble (US), This Tortured Soul (Guest))
Danny Cavanagh : Guitars (Anathema (UK))
Timothy Reeves : Bass
Tommy Reeves : Drums


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