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Reino Maldito

Album: ''Reino Maldito'' (1994)
1. Reino Maldito
2. Tormento Nocturno
3. Cirrosis
4. Vicio Mortal
5. Alcoholica a los 13
6. Sobredosis
7. Encuentro con la Muerte
8. Denigración y Corrupción
9. 2000 Fusiles Vencidos

Llora Chíapas

Album: ''Llora Chíapas'' (1998)
1. Llora Chíapas
2. Resídentes Olvidados
3. Mirate al Espejo
4. Golpe Bajo
5. El Antidoto
6. A Tomar las Armas
7. Heroe Falso
8. Monumento a los Caidos
9. Sobrevivientes
10. Cuba Libre

Rey de las Bestias

Album: ''Rey de las Bestias'' (1999 EP)
1. Tormento Nocturno (Leprosy)
2. Palacio Negro (Inquisidor)
3. Rey de las Bestias (Ramses)
4. Dios nos Agarre Confesados (Transmetal)
5. Nocturnal Torment
6. Black Palace
7. King of the Beast
8. Dios nos Agarre Confesados (English version)

Leprosy En Concierto

Album: ''Leprosy En Concierto'' (2001 DVD)
1. intro
2. Palacio Negro
3. Golpe bajo
4. Devorando Sueños
5. Mirate al Espejo
6. El Llamado de la Hembra
7. Rey de las Bestias
8. Residentes Olvidados
9. Muerte Violenta
10. Dios Nos Agarre Confesados
11. A Tomar las Armas
12. Tormento Nocturno
13. Sobrevivientes
14. Monumento a los Caidos
15. El Mito de la Sangre
16. Reino Maldito
17. Fariseos
18. Llora Chiapas
19. Killers
20. No Podran Parar el Tren
21. Escupe la Daga

Devorando Sueños

Album: ''Devorando Sueños'' (2002)
1. Rasgó su Piel
2. Me Rescatas de las Sombras
3. Devorando Sueños
4. Escupes la Daga
5. Cuando mis Ojos se Cierren
6. No Podrán Parar el Tren
7. Resplandor Infame
8. No Juegues con la Vida
9. En Busca de la Verdad
10. Aguas de Muerte
11. A Través de los Tiempos (V8 cover)
12. No Podrán Parar el Tren (live)

La Maldicion

Album: ''La Maldicion'' (2003)
1. Forgotten Past
2. La Maldición
3. Bajo El Signo De Acuario
4. Confeso
5. Fila De Muerte
6. Espectros Terroristas
7. Rock and Roll
8. Rebelion
9. Vuelan Mis Neuronas
10. Resiste

A Travez De Los Tiempos

Album: ''A Travez De Los Tiempos'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Heroe Falso
2. Cuando Mis Ojos Se Cierren Para Siempre
3. Tormento Nocturno
4. Bajo El SIgno De Acuario
5. Residentes Ovidados
6. La Maldicion
7. Resplandor Infame
8. Escupes La Daga
9. Mirate Al Espejo
10. A Travez De Los Tiempos
11. No Podran Parar El Tren
12. Confeso
13. Dios Nos Agarre Confesados
14. Resiste


This band started as the solo project of the Transmetal singer Alberto "Thrash" Pimentel.

When he left this band first time 1990 he founded Leprossy, and the album 1991 (at the label "Führer records"!) is in the same style as his old band, but he used English lyrics. A CD version of this album was released in 1992 by the "Avanzada" label, with slight different cover, and without mistakes in the bandname! The release came shortly before the bankruptcy of this label, and because of this never came really into official circulation! A Spanish version of this album was released in 1994, but it is like a different record, as it is recorded and sung much more brutal.

He joined already again in 1992 TRANSMETAL, and released many more albums with them, till the final split in 1998. The reason of the split could not have been musical differences, as he continues with exact the same style. He gathered two well known fighters with him: Julio Marquez (guitar ex Ramses), Felipe Gonzales (drums ex Inquisidor). The album from `98 is very critical, and recorded in honor of the uprising Indians in the province Chiapas. Music wise they got much extremer and more modern. They are now the second biggest Metal band in the country (directly after Pimentel's old employers).

They tour all over the country, and are well covered in the media. But in 2003 there was a big "bang" in the band, and Pimentel was alone! But he found soon new members, one of them is Baudell Ayala who was bass player in INQUISIDOR. What the reason was for this split I do not know, but could be musical differences as the other 3 started with ZAIKO a total modern band! LEPROSY stayed in the old style and even play a bit less brutal, like in the beginning of the band. In this album he pays also tribute to Wendy O Williams, first is the title song the melody of "The Damned" with spanish lyrics and then he is covering "Rock`n Roll"

Death/Thrash Metal

Death, Alcohol, Indians

Mexico (Mexico City), formed in 1991

Discos Denver


Alberto ``Thrash`` Pimentel - Guitars, Vocals (Transmetal)
Alex Sistem - Guitars
Israel Espinoza - Bass
Felipe Chacón - Drums (Inquisidor)

Julio Marquéz - Guitar (Ramses (Mex))
Mario Amador - Bass
Angel Cardenas
Hector Humprey
Baudell Ayala - Bass
Alejandro Cache - Drums


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