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Death By a Thousand Cuts

Album: ''Death By a Thousand Cuts'' (2002)
1. Initiate Murder Sequence
2. Strangled by Underwear
3. Hypocriscene
4. I Know Where You've Shit Last Summer
5. FUCK Eddy De Dapper
6. Inferior Superiorism
7. Get Rid of the Rock In Your Name
8. Cockporn
9. The Regular Know-It-All
10. Chasms
11. Schizotrendic
12. The Scheme
13. Straight Outta Boerecote II
14. Mosh of the Clowns
15. Human Ignorance
16. Graveyard Shift
17. Delusions of Grandeur
18. T.P.
19. (Hidden Track)


Album: ''ManMadePredator'' (2003)
1. The Meaning of Life
2. Public Enema No. 1
3. Too Stupid to Live
4. 5 Minutes of Fame
5. You Fat Prick
6. The Queen of Egoism
7. Time Is Against Me
8. The Happy Retard
9. Popularity Contest
10. Sleazebag
11. God = Mass Hysteria
12. All Hippies Are Dropouts
13. I'm Afraid of People
14. Life Is An S.T.D.
15. Still From da Hood
16. Nothing to Be Proud of
17. Fuck Off Coz I Hate You All
18. Sick Brutal Gore Bastard (Keep It Fucking Sick)
19. Crucial 4 Life

The Process of Elimination

Album: ''The Process of Elimination'' (2005)
1. The Fist of the Leng Tch'e
2. Don't Touch My Spandex
3. Overkill Bill
4. Another Hit Single
5. Bobby-Joe's Slumber Party
6. Remote Controlled
7. Glamourgirl Concubine
8. Ingest / Dissent
9. Schematic
10. Man's Inhumanity to Man
11. Motorgrinding
12. Fat Camp
13. Icon Resizer
14. Derisive Conscience
15. Patriotic Pleasure
16. The Plastic Motive
17. Testosterone Collar
18. Scene Scenery
19. Clarity Denied
20. Mediocrity Contest
21. P.I.M.P.
22. Reality? TV
23. Alliance of Blockheads
24. Terminal Excess Patient

leng tch


Leng Tch'e is a Belgian grindcore band, titled after the renowned Chinese torture of death by a thousand cuts. The band began life under the billing of Anal Torture, forged by Gurgloroth "Svencho" Sven De Caluwé (former Aborted frontman) and Dark Ages guitarist Glen along with vocalist Isaac Roelaert and bass player Kevin in early 2001. Leng Tch'e signed to the Italian Spew label for the opening 2002 album Death by a Thousand Cuts. A split 7" single shared with Black ops was next to arrive.

The band would employ Israeli guitarist Nir 'The Goat' Doliner of Whorecore and Lehavoth , even undertaking gigs in Israel opening for Amon Amarth. Unable to secure a bassist Nicolas would switch from guitar to cover this role. Eventually the distance factor for Doliner prevented a full time role. In early 2004 therefore the band inducted Geert as second guitarist. Another line-up casualty would be Nicolas, who left the band in order to relocate to New Zealand. The band enrolled former Pyaemia bassist Frank Rizzo as guitarist in late 2003. Meantime, Isaac fired up a Noise side project billed as Permanent Death whilst vocalist Sven De Caluwé would front In-Quest for an album.

The band's second album, Man Made Predator, would be scheduled for May 2004 release. Leng Tch'e proposed split releases in 2004 with Fuck...I'm Dead for No Escape Recs and a split 7" single with Gronibard on Bones Brigade Records. Guitarist Rizzo decamped in August, being replaced in November by Jan of Spleen. In early 2005 the band inducted Boris of Suppository as new frontman, debuting this revised line-up at the 30th April 'Face Your Underground' festival in Antwerp.

Leng Tch'e contracted to Relapse Records in March, scheduling a Summer release date for new album The Process of Elimination. The band played May US East Coast dates packaged with Impaled, Malignancy and Aborted. The band partnered with Quebec natives Fuck the Facts plus Gorgasm and Beneath the Massacre for a Canadian tour in 2006.

New album set to be released on March 9th, 2007 entitled Marasmus on Relapse Records.


Family Stories, Anti-Racism, Society, Metal Scene

Belgium (Ghent, East Flanders), formed in 2001

Relapse Records


Boris Cornelissen - Vocals (ex-Suppository, ex-Last Days of Humanity (Hol))
Jan Hallaert - Guitars (Spleen)
Nicolas Malfeyt - Bass (ex-Serial Butcher)
Tony Van den Eynde - Drums (The Seventh)

Isaac Roelaert (Fuck Off And Die (Bel), Permanent Death)

Peter Goemaere (Aborted, ex-Emeth, ex-Herfst)
Geert Devenster (Gorath, ex-Aborted, ex-Exterminator (Bel), ex-Excavation (Hol))
Rik Martens (Anal Torture, Alkerdeel, Headmeat)

Fornicator Glen (Glen Herman) (Dark Ages (Bel))
Nir Doliner (Lehavoth, Whorecore)
Frank 'Rizzo' Stijnen Pyaemia, Arsebreed, Bloodcum (Hol))

Steven Van Cauwenbergh (aka LQW ) (Session) (Welkin, Thee Plague of Gentlemen, Serpentcult)
Johan Antonissen (Bütcher, ex-Aeons of Old, Suhrim)

Sven De Caluwé (Aborted, ex-In-quest, ex-Anal Torture, Whorecore)


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