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Album: ''Krypteria'' (2005)
1. Liberatio
2. Es wird Zeit - Trust Your Heart
3. Lisette und die Krypterianer - Gaudium et felicitas
4. Das Versprechen - Run To You
5. Der Traum - Tonight
6. Mortok und Gula - Get The Hell Out Of My Way
7. Erik und Melissa - I Just Drowned In Your Eyes (Part I)
8. Der Ritt des Tyrannen - Time Is Running Thin
9. Vrakulus Mortok - When The Dust Begins To Settle
10. Bragu - Try
11. Gulas Weg - Explora
12. Renn' um dein Leben - Attack Of The Dead At Heart
13. Im Angesicht des Todes - Kiss Your Life Goodbye
14. Lebewohl - Keep Believing (Part I)
15. Liberatio


Album: ''Liberatio'' (2005 Single)
1. Liberatio (Single Version)
2. Liberatio (Video Edit)
3. Der Traum - Tonight
4. Lebewohl - Keep Believing (Part I)

Victoriam Speramus

Album: ''Victoriam Speramus'' (2005 Single)
1. Victoriam Speramus (Radio Edit)
2. Why
3. Victoriam Speramus (Dawn Version)
4. Victoriam Speramus (Original Album Version)

Evolution Principle

Album: ''Evolution Principle'' (2006 EP)
1. Sweet Revenge
2. Lost
3. The Promise
4. No More Lies (MMVI)
5. Na Ga Ja
6. Victoriam Speramus (Video-Clip)


Album: ''Bloodangel's Cry'' (2007)
1. All Systems Go
2. The Promise
3. Time To Bring The Pain
4. Somebody Save Me
5. Scream
6. Lost
7. Out Of Tears
8. I Can't Breath
9. The Night All Angels Cry
10. Dream Yourself Far Away
11. Sweet Revenge
12. At The Gates Of Retribution

Somebody Save Me

Album: ''Somebody Save Me'' (2007 Single)
1. Somebody Save Me (Radio Edit)
2. Somebody Save Me (Unplugged)
3. Somebody Save Me (Album Version)
4. Time To Bring The Pain (Incursion Version)



They started in 2001 where Chris Siemons, Frank Stumvoll and S.C. Kuschnerus wanted to do a fantasy-musical CD. There was no singer at this time, because they wanted to record the CD with many different vocalists. In 2003 their debut "Krypteria" was released. One year after, a big flood was in India and the German TV station RTL asked them to take "Liberatio" as a benefit single. They decided to take Ji-In to as the singer of the band. In 2005 their second album "In Medias Res" was released. Ji-In tried to become a "popstar" with the No Angels, but failed. There was a big hype in South Korea about their second album and their single "Victoriam Speramus" became number 1 there.

Gothic/Power metal

Germany (Cologne), formed in 2004

Synergy Records/ EMI


Ji-In Cho - Vocals
Chris Siemons - Guitars (Healer)
Frank Stumvoll - Bass, Male Vocals
S.C. Kuschnerus - Drums/Percussion


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