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Soul | Emotion | Flesh

Album: ''Soul | Emotion | Flesh'' (2003 Demo)
1. Realms of Nightmare
2. HateMaster - Holy instinct
3. The NeverEnding Winter

The Chains That Bind Us

Album: ''The Chains That Bind Us'' (2004)
1. Intro - Into the Nightmare
2. Realms of Nightmare
3. Engaging Web
4. The Chains That Bind Us Pt I : The NeverEnding Winter
5. HateMaster - Holy instinct
6. Free and Pure
7. The Chains That Bind Us Pt II : Heed These Words
8. Message From Beyond
9. Life Faded
10. The Chains That Bind Us Pt III : Last Call To Reaction



There are at least two bands that go by the name Kinetic.

1) Kinetic is a lovely independent band from Nampa, Idaho that sweetly combines simple, heartfelt vocals (think Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Ben Folds, or something in between) with beautiful piano/guitar melodies to create the gorgeous little Energy EP, an album one could imagine just as easily in a movie soundtrack as on their local indie station.

2) KINETIC were started in 2002 by members coming from other historical bands from the Greek Underground Scene, who had the experience and the spirit to continue from the point those bands had stopped. Having this band-name as music-philosophy they started creating music. Members`s personal influences coming from THRASH, POWER, PROGRESSIVE and DEATH METAL gave an aggressive timbre to any song, something between Swedish and American technique. With lyrics touching the horrible side of life, their songs attained the power and the feeling they had to. Quickly, the band completed a respectable number of songs. Three of them constituted their 1st recording, a self-released mini CD entitled with the band name.
KINETIC started getting in touch with `zines and radio-stations all over the world using this music sample. The reviews that where received as feedback from them, where something more than just positive and encouraging. This gave an enormous help to the band and in the beginning of 2004 a small independent label from Greece, SLEASZY-RIDER RECS gave them a small deal.
The band started record its 1st full length in February of 2004 and finished in August having more than 500 hours in studio. The result of this HUGE elaboration was "The Chains That Bind Us" full-length CD, released on 15th of November/2004. Including 11 compositions and a video-clip for "Never Ending Winter" song, re-recorded from their 1st music trying, this full album displays the band's progress.
For one more time KINETIC started getting in touch with media all over the world sending promo-packs that were created by the band itself, seeing that the label had a rather different policy on band promotion... The results were for one more time good, collecting many good comments from everywhere. Trying to give an even better help to "The Chains..." full length CD, the band made and paid by itself another video-clip for "Heed These Words" song and arranged a small tour in many cities of Greece.
In September of 2005 totally disagreeing with the entire label policy, KINETIC broke their contract and started searching for another label. After many conversations and contacts the band finally got in deal with the ascended BURNING STAR RECS ( with a schedule for a new release in September of 2007.
This season finds the band on recording the new material. Being the same members since the beginning, and adding two new ones, on female vocals and keyboards, they have found the necessary formula on working on a music style similar to their previous material but in a darker and heavier way. Having many new songs in a very small time-space the band-members have a very positive view for bands future...
Taken from the band's official Myspace page (

Progressive Death Metal

Greece (Athens), formed in 2002

Burning Star


Stavros Bonikos - guitars (Zero Hour (Grc), Brainfade (Grc))
Savvas Betinis - bass, vocals (Acid Death)
Manolis Mamas - guitars (Brainfade (Grc))
Vaggelis Kakarougas - keyboards, samples
Margaret Staikou - female vocals
Konstandinos Alexakis - drums (Powerdrops)

Mina Giannopoulou - female vocals


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