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Brain at Risk

Album: ''Brain at Risk'' (1995)
1. Day of the Dead

Brain at Risk

Album: ''Brain at Risk'' (1995)
1. Day of the Dead
2. Mother Earth Meltdown
3. Two Minutes Hate
4. Break Lies
5. Blood on the Screen
6. Obedience
7. Sentenced
8. Struggle for Life
9. State of Dependence
10. The Brain at Risk (instrumental)
11. Invader
12. Shadows of Death



6 bands called Headshot: German, USA, Netherlands, UK, Australian and H8000 belgium.

Headshot is a Thrash Metal-Band from Braunschweig/Germany.

The band was founded in 1993 by Olaf Danneberg (guitar), Steffen Keuchel (bass) and Till Hartmann (drums). Andi Bruer joined the band after a short time and became singer. Their debut "Brain At Risk" is released in 1995. Due to vocational stuff, it lasted three years until the next album "Emotional Overload" is released. Before releasing the third album "Diseased" in 2003, the band founded the own label "Wreckage Crew".

1995 - Brain At Risk
1998 - Emotional Overload
2003 - Diseased

The roots from Headshot lay in April 2003. Lead singer Floris van Dulmen played in many bands, but was searching for a new project. He was inspired a lot by the first albums from for example Korn, Deftones en Hed P.E. This sound he called new wave, Alternative Metal, the old Now Metal!

Finding a guitar player was no problem. Remco Petri, with whom he formed the singer/songwriter duo Independent, wanted to join this project without thinking. The DJ was an old friend of the lead singer. These two class mates from high school often exchanged music. Now was the time fort hem to form a new band.
After this they had to find a bass player and drummer. When Floris contacted Wouter van Dam for bass he also brought a drummer with him. Satisfaction there was for this young, talented drummer with the name Koen van Aken. The band was complete; Headshot was a fact!

Once a week the guys from the band came together in the practice room. They used a lot of different styles the individual band members used in there previous bands. Because of this Headshot has an original sound. Dynamics is very important for the band. This resulted in an aggressive, active vibe in there sound with even some funk and Hip-Hop.
Important for the band is the political themes behind the songs and with this they give away an active show. With this they try to make people think about there own choices in life and to take part in political discussions.

Currently they are working on a new album. Recording time december 2007.

2005 (June) Against Our World (6 track demo)
2006 (December) Short Circuit (9 track album)

Note also, that a band from Perth, Western Australia shared the same name. Headshot (Australia) were a lethal live band and released 2 EPs (Rooms Within Rooms and 451) as well as being featured on a live compilation with their Sic Squared labelmates Heavy Weight Champ and Subtruck. Their tight and powerful politically themed music brought to mind bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Meshuggah, and left a mark on many a local fan.

Note also, there is a band from Somerton, England - a Heavy Metal/Classic Rock group of 5, originally at school together at Huish Episcopi. At the current time, they have only played a few gigs, and only recorded one song - but looking to release an album sometime soon.

Hardcore band from Long Island, in the vein of Bulldoze, Irate, Hatebreed. They have released a 4 song demo.

Hardcore punk/thrash band from northwest Indiana. They released a six song demo in the summer of 2007.


New H8000 hardcore band in the vein of Full Blown Chaos, Terror,...

Thrash Metal

Germany (Braunschweig/Lower Saxony), formed in 1993

Wrecking Crew


Andi Bruer - vocals
Olaf Danneberg - guitar (Deny the Urge)
Henrik Osterloh - guitar (Deny the Urge)
Stefan - bass
Till Hartmann - drums

Steffen Keuchel - bass (1993-1997)
Matze Grün - bass (1997-2004) (ex-Protector, ex-Square Waves)
Moritz Hoffmeister - drums (1993-2000)
Sven Nothdurft - bass (Deny the Urge, Blacklist Ltd.)


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