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Haunting The December Chords

Album: ''Haunting The December Chords'' (2003 Demo)
1. The Lizard Creature
2. Suppress My Grief
3. Lake
4. [untitled]

The Blueprints For Revolution/Under the Alemannic Sun

Album: ''The Blueprints For Revolution/Under the Alemannic Sun'' (2004 Split)
1. Treachery
2. Under the Alemannic Sun
3. The Trinity of Deceit
4. The Frozen Seas of Atland
5. Death by the Waterside
6. Winter of Despair
7. Revolution Has No Deadline
8. Aeons Glow In The Sun
9. White *Deep* An Embrace
10. Countess Bathory (Upgrade 2004)


Album: ''Elite'' (2005)
1. A New Age
2. The Lizard Creature
3. White Deep An Embrace
4. A Pond Without Drops
5. Instrumental Intermezzo
6. The Fall Of Winter
7. Suppress My Grief
8. We Are The Elite
9. Aeons Glow In The Sun

The Fourth Era

Album: ''The Fourth Era'' (2006)
1. Sagittarius
2. Xibalba Be
3. Create & Renew
4. Descending (The Realm)
5. The Fifth Birth
6. Zenith Point
7. Cosmogenesis
8. The Astronaut of Palenque



From the ashes of chaos rises Gorath… Set ablaze by F. Dupont as a one man project from 1995 apart from other main underground chapters already closed. The first winters were a try out and 1996 brought forth a worthless tape “A winter slavery” that would never see the light of day. Gorath’s cold black metal is highly influenced by older Norwegian acts like Ulver, Arcturus, Fleurety, Enslaved, Darkthrone, etc.

The years to come closed Gorath down for a while, hitting back with “Haunting the December chords” in 2003. Since that date S. Vranckx joined forces as a lead poet. That same year the Italian Eyes of the Dead Productions released “Haunting the December chords” again as a split CD with the band TOD.

Meanwhile Gorath’s sound has entered the more modern sounding twilight… One year later, in 2004 to be specific, another split was set. “The blueprints of revolution” came along with the pagan black metal band Theudho.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback this one resulted in a deal with Black Owl Records. The very same year Gorath’s debut album “Elite” was recorded and released in early 2005. This time the vocals done by F. Dupont himself. Later that year the German Fog Of The Apocalypse proposed to release "Elite" on LP with different artwork.

Gorath swapped label and signed to the young Dutch Descent Recordings label. The band's musical style evolved more and more to black metal with a progressive approach. It all resulted into "The fourth era" released in 2006. May aeons glow in the sun...

Progressive Black Metal


Belgium (Diepenbeek, Limburg), formed in 1996

Descent Productions


F. Dupont. - Vocals, All Instruments (Live: Vocals, Bass)(also in The Quiescent, ex-Ill Fares the Land, Mahlstrøm, P:407, Theudho)
Kevin De Leener - Drums (Fleshmould, Suhrim, ex-Grinning Ghoul, ex-Keltgar, ex-Gurthang, ex-Obscurum (Bel), ex-Thorax Serpenti, ex-Urn of Might, ex-Urghar Moork)

Live members:

Maarten Geens aka Zahrim - Guitars (Panchrysia, Keltgar)
G. Devenster - Guitars (Leng Tch'e, ex-Aborted, ex-Exterminator (Bel), ex-Excavation (Hol))

Arne Vandenhoeck (aka Arneriach) - Guest Vocals (Herfst, Gurthang, ex-Ecliptica (Bel))
S. Vranckx - Lead Vocals (Shadow Gate)


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