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Southamerican Terrorist Black Death Destruction

Album: ''Southamerican Terrorist Black Death Destruction'' (2000 Demo)
1. Goat Semen
2. Sodom Graves
3. Madre Muerte
4. Warfare Noise
5. At Luzbel's Behest

Goat semen

Album: ''Goat semen'' (2002 Demo)
1. Goat semen
2. Sodom graves
3. Madre muerte
4. Warfare noise
5. At luzbel's behest
6. Pachacamac god (Instrumental!)
7. Oracle of the sands

En Vivo En Lima Hell

Album: ''En Vivo En Lima Hell'' (2007 Live album)
1. Sodom Graves
2. Madre Muerte
3. At Luzbel's Behest
4. Death Will
5. Post-Armagedon
6. Apologia Terrorista
7. Crucified Fucked and Forsaken
8. Warfare Noise
9. Goat Semen
10. Rotten Messiah
11. Pachacamac God
12. Oracle of the Sands

goat semen


Goat Semen is inspired in Bestial Black Seed and it have been spreaded by this Unholy Trinity since 2000!!!

Two Metal Comrades, Levifer and Neyra created Goat Semen in Early 2000. They had both been involved in the Metal Scene from different activities, Levifer in his Horde and Neyra in Temple of the Damned Zine.

Since the beginning, Morbid Visions were to create the Most Bastard and Blasphemous Noise that any Southamerican band have created since forefathers Sarcófago. In this way, Goat Semen plays Total Trendkiller SouthamericanTerrorist Death Black Destruction, marching on Path followed by Barbarian Beasts like Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcófago, The True Mayhem (w/Euro), Holocausto, Necrófago, Chakal, Bestial War, Hellhammer, Bathory,...!!!

This first Period was discrete and hard working, it also was started the hunt of appropiate members to complete the band with two songs already created! After some pretenders to the Drums Slaugther could not bear the Bestiality requested for the band! Satyricon is asked to join Goat Semen Legions...!!!

And since then the Wicked Line Up is the following (left to right):

Levifer (Hellstormish Strings of Chaos and Noise!!!)
Satyricon (Battery, Hellgunmachines and Warblasts!)
Neyra (Vomits, Death Preaches and Sentences of Death!!!)

The band started to write goating material at Early 2000. Hymns like "Goat Semen" and "Sodom Graves" were the earliest efforts. Intense rehearsing followed and later the same year they recorded their first black vomit as a reh. tape 2000 entitled "Southamerican Terrorist Black Death Destruction" where can be found the Raw and Tormenting Black Attack in Live Performance at a Reh. Room!
Insanity was captured by a small Journalist Recorder! This very First Attack was spreaded around the Earth with good achievements!!!

Several Labels have showed interest to the vomited Reh. Tape! The FIRST ONE was Legion of Death Rex. (Fra)which wanted the horde to do a 7" Ep split with Levifer (Solo Band) since 2001! Tracks to be included in this Krushing Release were written in 2002. Other Label Commands that have shown interest for the band are Hiberica Recs. (Por) and Ordealis Productions (Fra) among others! Both of them offered Goat Semen Vinyl Contracts which have already been signed!

Goat Semen after 2 years of conspirancies and following the Path of Mother Death is ready to enter the Studio in order to record its Demo Debut Selftitled: Goat Semen!!!

Among WarHymns: "Sodom Graves", "Goat Semen", "Madre Muerte", "Warfare Noise", "At Luzbel Behest",...!!!

It is Southamerican Terrorist Death Black War Metal Massacre 666!!!

Death/Black Metal

Blasphemy, Satanism, War, Violence

Peru (Lima), formed in 2000

Displeased Records


Neyra - vocals (Saram, Evil Damn, ex-Black Angel (Per))
Julio ``Satyricon`` Campos - drums (Levifer, Impalement (Per), Evil Damn ex-Signs of the Evil, ex-Holy Death (Pol))
Hellfucker - guitar
Beleth - bass, guitar (Belzec)

Juan Levifer - guitars (ex-Black Angel (Per))


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