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Ceasul aducerii-aminte

Album: ''Ceasul aducerii-aminte'' (2006)
1. Valea plangerii
2. Sunt munti si paduri
3. Luna preste varfuri
4. Strasnic neamul meu
5. Tara de dincolo de varfuri de brad
6. Napraznica goana
7. Vinterdoden
8. Bucovina, inima mea



Bucovina is a Romanian Traditional/Folk Metal band.

Band lineup:
Crivat - guitar, backing vox
Luparul - guitar, lead vox
Mishu - drums
Becks - bass.

Bucovina was born in 2000, with Crivat and former bass player Harbard as masterminds; soon the initial drummer was replaced by Mishu, who has eversince become a statutory member of the gang. After Harbard decided to quit playing, the band entered in a dormant stage, partially helped by Crivat and Mishu's new deathgrind project Vena Cava.

In 2005 though, Bucovina came back on stage and has eversince gathered massive hails from fans of folk metal, viking, heathen metal and other metalheads; the bass duties were carried out by the Vena Cava bassman, the Brazillian guy Paolo Cito, now moved to Romania. Too bad, he also decided to switch the country and moved to Sweden; anyway, the first Bucovina album was written, performed and recorded with Paolo and his history in Bucovina is openheartedly revered by the members. The actual bass player is Becks (Tudor on his real name) a very young and most gifted instrumentist.

They have released a debut album in 2006's late summer, "Ceasul Adicerii-aminte" (Hour of Reckoning), issued through a Romanian label called Lupii Daciei. So far, along with their older and better-known fellows from Negura Bunget, Bucovina is one of the very few metal bands to explore and make use of the traditional values of the ancient Dacian heritage and Romanian lore.

Their debut album was welcomed with much please by the public and they are currently working on the second album, claimed to be more and better anchored in traditional folk sound and also have a stronger theoretical and music concept.

Viking Metal

Romania (Iasi), formed in 2000

Lupii Daciei Records


Florin ``Crivãþ`` Þibu - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Ackheron, Tehenet, Vena Cava)
Bogdan Luparu - Guitar, Vocals (Stih)
Bogdan ``Vifor`` Mihu - Drums (ex-Cortejo Funebre, Gebeleizis, Vena Cava)
Tudor Beks - Bass

Paolo Cito Caminha - Bass (Vena Cava)
Augustin Abiþei - Bass (ex-Ackheron, Tehenet)


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