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Album: ''InnerCells'' (1999 Demo)
1. Gift for Violence
2. Prince of Dark Cellars
3. Depressive Winds
4. Angel of Disappointment
5. The Prophecy
6. Satan's Left Hand
7. My Gravedigger Wearing Stilettoes
8. Suicidal Steps


Album: ''Login:SataN'' (2003)
1. Login:SataN
2. Subject To Tragedy
3. Satanus Sextions
4. Tormentor
5. Need A Needle To Tap In The Vein
6. The Empress
7. Mors Ultima Ratio
9. Suicide Tutorials
10. An Error In Darkness
11. T.A.O.S. (The Arrival Of SataN)
12. W.Y.N.F.S. (Whiten Your Nose For SataN)


Album: ''Solarkult'' (2006)
1. ftp://SolarKult.NeXus
2. Mission
3. Iron Icon
4. PsychoActive SataN
5. 11rd Eye Chemistry
6. Drugz Mysticism [#A:Vision]
7. TeknoShaman 666
8. Luxifer Meme
9. Prequel to the Kult
10. Angels Refinery [C21H23NO5 MiX]
11. Martyr Complex
12. Forge=PhoeniX
13. Templars



Blacklodge is producing Industrial Black Metal, at the crossroads of innovative audacity in extreme music creation and rigorous research in dark psychodelic mysticism

Original pulse

Mutation emerging from an underground black metal band called Faust (1994-1998), Blacklodge started first as a one man band and released 2 demos.
Saint Vincent was then joined by Silence and Diam's from his former band.
They started to play live and strengthen the identity of the band through substances abuses and rising totemic fascination for contemporary environment and technology. This led to a third demo presenting the band to dark underground through schizoid video clip and personal concept.

Chamber of Darkness area

The band signed then with the dutch label Blazing Productions for their first album, Login:SataN (2003).
This album put the band aside the leaders of a newest front : Industrial Black Metal.
Since 2002 Jessy became the bassist of the band, even if Diam's recorded the bass on the album.
The band played with Aborym for the first real Industrial Black Metal gigs ever, and presented a very aggressive and original presence on stage.

Chamber of Illumination area

A new stage of evolution brought the band to new horizons with more courageous, avantgardiste work in a scene where looking backwards stands as a value of integrity and honesty.
Blacklodge is back at the dawn of 2006 with a new album, >SolarKult<, recorded at the Necromorbus studio and released by the french label End All Life Productions.
A new powerful sound for the band, polluting sonic landscapes with a mix of pure aggressive metal and psychodelic, electronic violence.

Their temples and idols are rusted, and new dogmas are rising
This is the prequel to the new kult.

Flash deathcography :

2006/01 : 2nd Album >SolarKult<
2003/10 : 1st Album Login:SataN
2001/01 : Demo Login:Satan Demo
1999/12 : Demo Prince Of Dark Cellars
1999/04 : Demo InnerCells

Industrial/Black Metal

satan, drugs, mysticism

France (Villard de Lans), formed in 1998

End All Life


Saint Vincent - vocals, guitars, drums (The Arrival of Satan, ex-Helegion)
Silence - guitars
Jessy - bass

Diam's - bass (Diamatregon)
Hélio Gabale - keyboards


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