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Night of the Ultimate Mosh

Album: ''Night of the Ultimate Mosh'' (2002)
1. Coffinfucker
2. Master of Violence
3. Gore In Gore Out
4. Arabian Psycho
5. Night of the Ultimate Mosh
6. The Rolling Massgrave
7. Above, Where Are You?
8. Catmouth
9. Gut To Kill
10. Bloodshed Attack
11. Eternal Emotions
12. Slaughter of Flies
13. Bowelthrasher
14. Kid of the Brown Vomit
15. The Evil Pig
16. Everything Is Shit
17. Dance On The Frozen Desert
18. Crowes In The Nose
19. Death And Insanity
20. Carmolesting Dead
21. Suicide Maniac
22. Victim of the Grind

Mongo Musicale

Album: ''Mongo Musicale'' (2006)
1. Mongo Musicale
2. Wigdestroyer
3. Then You Know
4. Mongoloid Wannabe
5. Arabian Jesus
6. Wedlock
7. Crocophile
8. Born Tired
9. After-ski Obliteration
10. Bass of Thunder
11. Mr. Big Head
12. Dear Driver
13. The Friendly Call
14. Handicapitation
15. Drums of Death
16. Whirlpool Whiplash
17. Dancefloor Dismemberment
18. Nightgrinder
19. Colombian Tie
20. Guitars of Steel
21. The Day Hell Came to Town
22. Dying Cable
23. Moonwalk Massacre
24. Victims of the Cat
25. Ladies Night/Birdo Might

Splatterhouse / Birdflesh

Album: ''Splatterhouse / Birdflesh'' (2006 Split)
1. In the Swamps You Rot
2. Beast of the Bayou
3. Evil Coffin
4. Pretty Dork
5. Happy Hour, Crazy Hour
6. Taste of the Sun
7. Keeper of the Seventh Son



Birdflesh started in October 1992 as a four piece band. One of the guitarplayers had to leave the band because it sounded like shit with two guitars. First demo was recorded in 1994 and the second was out in 1995. Did some shows in the hometown, rehearsed some, drank some beer and recorded the third demo, "Fishfucked", in 1997. The following years were pretty much the same. Did some shows, released some records and drank many beers. In September 1999 Birdflesh went on a Japan tour. Five shows were done. After the tour, Mutanga left the band. Moshbastard replaced him and released the Alive Autopsy LP in 2001 on his own label, Leather Rebel. Now in 2002 Birdflesh is grinding still as Achmed Abdulex- guitar, backing vox Moshbastard- bass, backing vox Smattro Ansjovis- drums, vox.


Humorous death and gore

Sweden (Växjö), formed in 1992

Dental/Razorback Records


Smattro Ansjovis - Drums and Vocals (Dethronement, Sayyadina, General Surgery, Jigsore Terror)
Barbro Havohej - Bass and Vocals
Achmed Abdulex - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Moshbastard - Bass and Vocals (ex-Melody Club)


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